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AW Collection

"The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been hidden by the answers"
                                                  — James Baldwin

Painted + Printed Garments

Wearable art.

unique pieces designed to inspire your own sense of creative wonder and joy.


Timeless photographs.

Original images by Robert Mitchell 

Creative Gatherings

Creative Gatherings.

Opportunities to create, rest and daydream in community. 

Creativity is life force energy, it is the expressive current animating all things.


Creativity thrives when there is space to rest, reflect and imagine in a safe and connected environment.


Creating is a brave thing, a courageous, vulnerable thing worthy of celebration and protection.


Creativity can be a powerful force for wholeness, connection and healing.


Process is powerful, emergence is necessary, weird is wonderful, magic is real.

Creativity is vital.

Vitality is creative.

Everyone is creative.

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